Show that you’re proud of your sneakers


Floating Sneaker Display

Take your sneaker collection to the next level.

The FloatingSneaker display makes your favorite sneakers float like you’ve never seen before. Even spinning! Using magnetic force and airflow.

The build-in LED light strip ensures your sneakers to be displayed at their gloriest, whether it’s night or day!

No worries with FloatingSneaker.

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Float your sneaker

Showcase your sneakers the futuristic way with FloatingSneaker

FloatingSneaker bringing you the world’s first floating sneaker display. Giving you the ability to showcase your kicks the futuristic way.
The ultimate addition to your sneaker collection!

Made by sneakerheads, for sneakerheads.

Make your sneakers float too


Floating Sneaker Display – Black



What our customers say

This improved my sneaker collection so much, it’s unbelieveable how much impact the FloatingSneaker has on my sneaker room.


A definite must-have for every sneakerhead. If you love your sneakers, you’ll love this. Arrived within a week.


I am using the FloatingSneaker display for in my store. The attention that it gets is just insane. Good buy for store owners too!


A must have item for every sneakerhead

FloatingSneaker black display
FloatingSneaker black display

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