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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my FloatingSneaker display arrive at my doorstep?

Because we are based in The Netherlands, orders in The Netherlands will take about 2/3 business days. Orders placed outside of The Netherlands can take up to 1/2 weeks. 

What sneakers are compatible with the display?

All enclosed footwear items up to size 14 US are applicable and functional. The maximum weight for the sneaker to float is 1 pound and 5 ounces(600g). The FloatingSneaker display comes with weights in case the sneaker is not heavy enough to stay afloat.

How do I setup my FloatingSneaker display

Connect the included adapter to the display and power supply and that’s it! Read the included operating instructions for a detailed guide on how to make your sneaker float.

What's included?

The FloatingSneaker display comes with a handy levitation assist tool to make process a lot easier. With some practice you might not even need it anymore. It also comes with a magnet, an adapter, weights and shoe shaping soles. We include a European charging adapter. Want a specific adapter? Please note it in the order form. (American available).